What Should You Not Feed Your Dog?

I got to thinking about this when I was working on a new blog entry, so I decided that I needed to know can dogs eat watermelon safely because my dog managed to find a left over piece of melon. It turned out that watermelon is safe for dogs, but that is not the entire story. They say that you should only let the dog have the flesh of the melon, meaning that you have to remove the seeds and the rind. That is not so much trouble for some people I suppose, but it is obviously not a thing that most people would do. I suppose that you could process the flesh some way or another to remove the seeds. However it is just not so easy that I would consider doing it if I had a choice and obviously I have all the choice in the world in that matter. People know to spit the seeds out, but dogs do not and it says they can cause all sorts of problems. Continue reading ‘What Should You Not Feed Your Dog?’ »

I Think Our Platform Bed Frame is Sturdy Enough to Park a Car on

A new mattress is nothing without the support of a qulality box spring and a super sturdy platform bed frame underneath. Let’s face it that Americans are not getting any lighter. Even if you are a normal weight couple, that can easily be 250 pounds the frame needs to support. Along with the weight of the mattress, springs and bedding, that puts you over 300 pounds right there. That is why the bed frame needs to be the best product.

For us it needed to be even more sturdy. I am a big guy who weighs in at 225 pounds. Years of exercise and bodybuilding have me being a heavyweight. My wife is fit and muscular and is 135 pounds. Our dog, Fred, is a Mastiff that weighs 210 pounds. Freda, his sister, is 190 pounds. We all sleep on a king bed. Continue reading ‘I Think Our Platform Bed Frame is Sturdy Enough to Park a Car on’ »

Learning How Our Customers Like to Be Talked to Boosted Our Sales

I remember when getting customers was like puling teeth. You could get the job done, but not without a lot of work and difficulty. It was not like we did not have a great product. We do. It was just the nature of how our marketing firms were approaching our customers. It was not until we used the services of a lead generation company in Brisbane that we finally saw that it was how you communicated to your potential customers that made the difference. The people wanted our products, but we were taking the wrong approach in answering their questions and speaking to their needs. Now we have more sales than ever before.

You might think it is the exposure that social media gives to all companies now. Continue reading ‘Learning How Our Customers Like to Be Talked to Boosted Our Sales’ »

Being Proactive Has Helped Me in My Career

About a year ago, an unexpected opening came up at the company I work at. I knew even before then that I wanted to retire from this company, so I had already started learning as much as I could so I would be able to climb the corporate ladder more easily. One of the things I knew I was lacking in was sales training, and I knew that I would need to address that before I even put my foot on that first rung. I had done some research on verkooptraining so I could find the best study aids for this, and it turned out that a course is actually offered for people like me. Continue reading ‘Being Proactive Has Helped Me in My Career’ »

Staad Pro and Its Benefits

The engineering company that I work for is thinking about making some upgrades in the near future, as to how we do our job, and approach engineering design in general. The process that we do now is probably a bit outdated, and has probably been left unchanged for so long due to its familiarity with most of our employees. Things need to change though, and I am trying to find more info about Staad Pro v8i to learn more about what the program is capable of, and about all of its different capabilities, calculations, features, and that sort of thing.

We really need to update the software that we use to build models and designs of structures that are in planning. Continue reading ‘Staad Pro and Its Benefits’ »

Well Price with Amenities, Apartments in Topeka KS

Topeka locates along river Kansas in the northeastern part of Kansas, the state in the central United States. Topeka is a capital city of Kansas. The city climate is cold and hot during winter and summer seasons respectively. The employment in the city is largest in the state. The town offers people apartments to live in. The apartment guide for Topeka KS suggests different apartment plans for rent. The guide is available with principal and managers of the property to see. The difference in apartments is its plan of construction, which are one bedroom, two, and three bedrooms. Well-constructed apartments with kitchen and toilet have furnishing and décor.

Apartment guide for Topeka KS displays pictures of apartments for renting. Kitchen with chimney, fans with lights, well laid out gym to work out, apartment entrances, and windows is rightly valued with its monthly rents quoted in the guide. Continue reading ‘Well Price with Amenities, Apartments in Topeka KS’ »

A Breast Enhancement Product That Works

When I first heard about an effective natural breast enhancement supplement, I knew that I wanted to find out more. I was not exactly blessed in that department, and I wanted to see if I was able to change that without having to have any kind of surgery. While I definitely would mind having bigger breasts, I was not about to go to that extreme to make it happen. I didn’t mind doing something like taking a supplement though, as long as I was able to find out enough information about it to know it is safe. Continue reading ‘A Breast Enhancement Product That Works’ »

And Let There Be Light

When I first bought my home, the living room only had one light, and it was at one far end of the room. Whoever built the home didn’t think that people in the rest of the room would like to enjoy some light while they sit. I had lamps in the other side of the room to provide some illumination. I decided to install a light socket in the dark side of the room. I used a home improvement book to guide me, but I became confused midway during the procedure, and called an electrician in Passaic County NJ to finish where I left off.

I was doing pretty well with the installation until I reached the internal wiring of the home. Up until that point, I had simply measured and cut a hole in the ceiling for the wiring to come through. Continue reading ‘And Let There Be Light’ »

Doing the Right Things Early on is Important

I made excuses every time my mom told me that I needed to see a dentist. I told her many times that I would go see one after I paid this bill or that one. I would tell her that I would do it after I finished a particularly hard semester or after my internship. I was putting off and that was a mistake. I ended up needing to look for someone who can do wisdom teeth removal in Singapore because of my continual excuses. Had I done what my mom gently urged me to do so many times, I probably would not have needed to get them removed.

My parents asked me one day how often I floss. I surprised them both when I admitted that I rarely do. I do brush once per day, and I know that is not enough. I would say that I floss once per month. That was when my mother told me that I would have all sort of problems if I don’t see a professional for regular cleanings. But in my eyes, there is always tomorrow to get things done. I put things off all the time. Continue reading ‘Doing the Right Things Early on is Important’ »

Becoming Better in My Field

When I was young, I would listen to my sing every single day. She is the one who taught me to appreciate music, and she wanted me to use my talents in ways that benefit not only me but those around me as well. I do have a really nice voice, but I knew that there was a lot I still needed to learn. That is why I started looking at a music school in Singapore, mainly because they have the reputation of being the best of the best. I knew to truly be amazing in the field, I had to learn everything I possibly could.

I looked over everything that I would learn during my 12 month enrollment, and I was really impressed. The first module is learning about the principles of audio, and I knew that this was really important to learn. Continue reading ‘Becoming Better in My Field’ »

The Best Idea: Using a Moving Company in Singapore

I got a new job that meant I had to relocate. I knew that I would not have the vehicle, strength or time to move all of my belongings by myself. The best idea I had was to hire a moving company in Singapore. This idea was a life saver because there is no way I could have moved as quickly or efficiently without them.

The company showed up on time to begin helping me move. I had most of my boxes packed so the movers just had to grab the box and load it in their van. They did not waste time when it was time to load. They quickly put all the boxes in the van and were ready to go to the new place. They got to the new house even before I could get there.

They were very careful with my things. Continue reading ‘The Best Idea: Using a Moving Company in Singapore’ »