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Collection Evaluation Services for Insurance
If you have an old collection of Playboy, Time, Life, Penthouse, etc. to insure or if you have lost the above in a fire or flood and need an evaluation, Magazine Memories offers that service.

Send us a list of your items to be insured or that have been lost and we will respond with a certified letter listing their value, (by decade, not by issue) within 10 days.

This is a valuable service, as insurance companies respect our expertise, never question our honesty or accuracy, and frequently call us themselves for evaluations. We charge $195.00 for this service and it must be prepaid.

You will find it is well worth it and your insurance company may reimburse your costs. Check with them and give us a call or have them call us directly. Ask for Bob Katzman. I will give you speedy, accurate, up-to-date values.

Want to create a great impression with a valuable client?
Instead of a dinner or a ball game, which they’ll forget about in a week, how about a Civil War newspaper?

Want to impress that client who’s a major sports buff?
Check out a Joe Dimaggio or Ted Williams or Michael Jordan Magazine Cover Story — a valuable treasure that your client will cherish and frame for all to see. Valuable treasures that your client will frame and see constantly. Then they are stuck with you! They won’t be able to separate the gift from the giver.

Want to surprise that client with a nostalgia for the good ole’ days?
How about a Playboy from when someone was born or graduated high school? A very unusual, and highly appreciated gift, that allows you to be creative and make a terrific impression! Your client will appreciate that you took the time to find something that connects to their lives.

Want a World Ward II gift for a veteran?
How about an issue of Life covering D-Day, June of 1944? There were three issues, a great gift for a military buff.

No matter what the occasion – Be original!Get an original!
Come browse the racks at Magazine Memories and get first class assistance in choosing your gifts. We have many other historic and special interest items.

Call Bob at 847-470-9444, or send email for more great corporate gift ideas and prices.

Special Anniversary Magazine Offer!

Life, Look, Post, Time, Newsweek, Liberty, Saturday Review, New Yorker / Atlantic / Scientific American / Sports Illustrated, BetterHomes / House & Garden / Good Housekeeping / Gourmet

You can give a very special person in your life a year’s worth of magazines, one for each month, for the specific year they were married, born, graduated, joined or left the military, joined a company, got out of jail, or any other significant anniversary.

We can pretty much guarantee 12 different or assorted magazines as listed above – one for each month, as our inventory allows. Create your own newsstand to commemorate a special year in someone’s life!


12 Assorted Mags, our choice




12 Assorted, our choice




12 Assorted, our choice




12 Assorted, our choice




12 Assorted, our choice




12 Assorted, our choice



Tax for Illinois residents only

We can do the same thing with Playboy for the years 1957-1997 (prices on request) – or – Sports Magazines 1950’s-1997 (prices on request). We can also add fashion magazines to the yearly mix for slightly more than the prices listed above (1940’s-1970’s).

Magazines will be selected for condition and variety, and each will be dated for the appropriate month. We cannot search for specific dates with this offer. Delivery can be as fast as 48 hours with FED-EX if you choose. Otherwise with UPS delivery within 7 working days.

We welcome your phone calls so please call Bob at 847-470-9444, or send email for more great corporate gift ideas and prices.*

Store Hours:
Mon – Fri 11AM – 7PM
Sat 10AM – 5 PM

*Limited quantities and prices subject to change without notice.

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