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Here are a few examples of one of a kind items currently available:

  • Death of Morgan Earp, (Chicago Tribune – 1882)
  • Wyatt Earp Hunted Down Assassin of Morgan a Few Days Later, Chgo Trib (1882)
  • Front Page Story on the death of General Custor (July 1876) Rare
  • Titanic Newspapers (1912)
  • D-Day and Related (1945)
  • Armistice from WW I (1918)
  • Death of Lillian Russell (Back Page – Many Photos)
  • Death of Houdini – 11/1/1926
  • Death of Babe Ruth
  • Sinking of Lusitania (1915)
  • Explosion of the Maine in Cuba (1898)
  • Assorted Union Newspapers from Civil War (1862)
  • Death of Numerous Famous Persons
    • Garfield
    • Kennedy
    • Roosevelt
    • Garfield
    • Picasso
    • Lindbergh
    • John Wayne
    • Will Rogers
    • Elvis Presley
    • And More
  • Assorted Historical Newspapers from 1700-1800’s
  • Many Sports related papers
    • Landis Chosen As Baseball Commissioner
    • DiMaggio Hitting Streak (56 Hits)
  • Assorted World War II Related Items
    • Hitler Defeated By Hindenburg
    • Yank
    • Stars & Stripes
  • Huge Collection of Time, LIfe Covering WWII Stories

SHIPPING : We can order an authentic newspaper from a major American city for almost any date between 1880 to now. It takes about 7 days to arrive at our office and we then reship it to you unless you live nearby, then you can pick it up.

The newspapers come with a certificate of authenticity and are packaged & priced as follows:

  1. In Clear Vinyl, shipped anywhere in the USA via UPS, insured $59.95 + $5.75 = $65.70.
  2. In a stiff, navy blue heavy duty folder, with gold print stating the name of the paper (New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Etc) and the name of the recipient in the lower right corner, also in gold, (John Smith, Bill & Mary Jones, Etc). A beautiful gift. $107.50 + $10.00 = $117.50.
  3. A very heavy duty maroon bound volume, paper lies flat. Durable and impressive. It has same gold printing as #2, but also the date printed under the name of the newspaper. At 6 pounds, this is a gift that becomes a family heirloom. $143.63+$10.00=$155.63.

We use UPS, regular ground service, insured for a delivery, but you can get next day delivery via Fed Ex at additional cost. We don’t know the exact cost until we call Fed Ex, but it is not a huge difference.

Payments: Credit Card (all kinds) accepted.
We are not encrypted, so you can either call us at (847) 470-9444 and tell us the name to be printed (please spell it), the exact date, and your credit card number plus expiration date, or you can fax the information to (847) 470-9606. We also accept money orders.

When requesting a newspaper, remember that supplies are finite and can’t be replaced. We ask you to limit your choices of any 2 major US Cities as follows:

  • New York, LA, Houston, St. Louis, etc
  • Chicago
  • Whatever is available

You can substitute any major US city for the first 2 choices. In some cases, London, Montreal or Toronto are available at higher prices.

People who firmly insist on one city or nothing else, frequently get nothing. So try and be flexible if you want something authentic from a certain date.

Historic Dates (D-Day, Elvis’ Death, Monroe’s Death) are highly collectable and are not included in these prices. For historic issues on any subject, Call to discuss available services and fees.

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