Arsenal Fans Protest Again

Time For Change or Why Football Fans Know Nothing.

Once again organised sections of the Arsenal home fan base have opted to protest during an Arsenalmatch, while ‘fans’ on social media go into melt down at the clubs failure to secure a Premier League title, in the last dozen seasons. I have to say that this really makes my blood boil.

While two of the biggest clubs in the country, Aston Villa and Newcastle, are facing relegation from the Premier LeagueArsenal fans are protesting because they have not won major titles at the rate that the very man they are protesting against got them used to. To me it seems puerile, to say the least.

Arsenal have been one of the most successful clubs in English football since the 1930′s, but no single manager has brought the club more success than the current custodian, Arsene Wenger.

Under Le Boss’s guidance Arsenal have picked up 21 trophies, including 3 Premier League titles, 6 FA Cups, 2 of them in the most recently completed seasons, and an unprecedented run of two decades of UEFA Champions League football, that shows no sign of abating.

While Arsenal have consistently performed better than 80% of Premier League teams since Wenger‘s arrival, these fans claim that it is time for a change.


They want to fall out of the top 20%?

Because that is what is most likely to happen.

You need proof?

Just take a look at all of the success that Liverpool, Spurs and Manchester United have achieved with all of their changes.

Football Fans Know Nothing.

Let’s face it, the vast majority of football fans know little about the game and nothing about running a hugely successful multi-million pound business.

Very few football fans have played at any reasonable level for any length of time, or been part of any sports club where they train during the week with a squad of players and coaches and strive to achieve the same goals with those people on match days.

  • Most football fans have no idea what it is like to negotiate for players who are going to improve your squad and not disrupt it.
  • Most football fans have no idea what players are genuinely available, what their transfer demands are and what it will do to your existing squad if you acquiesce to them.
  • Most football fans have no idea how to manage the large squad of players that is required to compete in four major competitions every season. Especially managing those who are not getting regular first team football, but who you are going to need when first choice players are off form or not available.
  • Most football fans have no idea how to manage a team where your first choice players are injured and unavailable for long periods of the season.
  • Most football fans have no idea what it is like to carry an injury through a game or a whole season and how long it can take to completely recover from some of them, both physically and mentally.
  • Most football fans, football clubs and modern managers have no idea how to develop young players, rather than buying in ready made items, like properties on a Monopoly board.

If you need any more proof that most football fans have no idea, you only need to look at the reaction of Chelsea fans a few months ago, when their team had its awful start to the 2015/16 season.

Unlike Arsenal fans, they almost all turned on their players and supported José Mourinho. When Chelsea won their next game after Mourinho was fired, they still cursed the players. Chelsea have since gone on a huge run of positive results, but I have no doubt that a large number of Chelsea fans would still welcome Mourinho back to lead them.

So what do Chelsea fans know about running a football club?

I believe that the “Wenger Out!” crowd know no better.

Do Arsenal Need Change?

Of course Arsenal need change. But not the wholesale changes that these clowns are demanding.

The difference between finishing 3rd or 4th and winning the Premier League is only a matter of small percentages. It’s turning a few draws into wins, it’s turning one goal losses into draws or wins.

How do they go about it?

What Arsenal really need is a big, strong, dominating, inspirational centre back… preferably English. They could do much worse than look to West Hamor Leicester for that man.

Of course a consistent, high scoring centre forward would be great. But those guys are a rare breed and the Spanish giants and Manchester City seem to have the monopoly on them at the moment. And, as has been his modus operandi since he arrived, Wenger is looking to develop one from within at the moment.

Those looking to change the coach should also bear in mind that Arsenalhave never made a habit of signing big name coaches. In the past they have mostly appointed ex-Arsenal players, up until 20 years ago when they chose an unknown Frenchman.

It is also worth noting that the billion pounds plus that Chelsea and Manchester City have each spent on their revolving door policy for players and coaches, which these Arsenal fans see as the business model to follow, has seen both of those sides perform worse than Arsenal this season. So flashing the cheque book and making wholesale changes is no guarantee of success.

Emotion or Fact?

Football fans reactions are solely based on emotion, while facts, figures and outside influences are totally ignored.

Time for a change?

Yeah, time to look at the realities and consider what the real outcomes of wholesale changes are likely to be.

By Max Power

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