A little history about our store.
I started collecting magazines and old newspapers in 1963, when I was 13, the day that President Kennedy died, and I’ve never stopped.

History fascinated me: who did what to who–when–where–why–and what future editions revealed about the past.

When a famous person died; a movie star, or pilot, or explorer, magazines would go back over their whole lives and you can see how they became the people they turned out to be.


I eventually collected 100,000 magazines and opened a small store in Chicago to see if people were interested. Boy! Were they ever!


“Company founder Bob Katzman and cute wife
Joyce searching for magazines in Washington state”


“future owners of company: David, Lisa,
and Rachel, in 1983, waiting patiently”


“meeting of the executive committee”


“father, Irv, and son discussing his war.(1912-2000) r.i.p.”


“latest future owner, Sarah, held in
check by grown up brother David”

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